FM says Georgia's EU accession to be gov't long-term responsibility
FM says Georgia's EU accession to be gov't long-term responsibility

“Our government’s long-term responsibility is Georgia’s accession in the European Union and to bring Georgia closer to the European family,” said Foreign Minister Ilia Darchiashvili.

The FM reported that the European Integration Commission meeting, chaired by the PM on Friday, addressed the future agenda for implementing reforms per the EC’s recommendations.

The FM hailed the November 8 European Commission’s recommendation to the European Council to grant candidate status to Georgia as a step forward on the EU integration path and vowed to keep implementing “ambitious reforms.”

Ilia Darchiashvili observed that the members of the Commission, who are comprised of heads of various state agencies, actively participated in carrying out the reforms. On Friday, they deliberated on strategies for sustaining collaborative efforts to address the EC’s 12-point priorities.

“We spoke about the next year’s agenda, how to take concrete steps so that Georgia continues to implement reforms. It is a long-term responsibility of our government, which took the commitment before our partners in making Georgia a worthy member of the European family and to bring our country closer to the European family legislatively and institutionally,” Darchiashvili said.