FM: EC's recommendation confirms Georgian government's efforts  
FM: EC's recommendation confirms Georgian government's efforts  

“Georgia has taken effective steps and this was recognized and positively assessed by the European Commission,” said Georgian Foreign Minister Ilia Darchiashvili.

According to the FM, the Prime Minister and all responsible state agencies continue to work actively for Georgia to receive a positive political decision from the European Council on December 15.

“We don’t believe that this process will finish in one or two months or by the adoption of any document. Georgia follows the process consistently. In the long-term perspective, our country needs continuous reforms and the Georgian government is responsible for carrying them out. This is the path that will lead us to the final membership of the European family,” he said.

Ilia Darchiashvili remarked that he and the PM used different platforms and bilateral meetings in communication with partners.

“One thing is the European Commission’s opinion and the other is working with the EU member states’ capitals with which we work for the final decision to be unanimous on December 15,” he said.