First Channel Monitoring in the Pre-Election Period
First Channel Monitoring in the Pre-Election Period

In the run-up to the forthcoming Parliamentary elections, the Public Broadcaster is monitoring:

  • First Channel
  • Georgian Radio

The monitoring aims at quantitative analysis of the information supplied in the pre-election period.

TV Analytics is a special monitoring tool. The trained monitors will be putting information into the software with due regard to the specifics of various platforms and programs.

All the First Channel and Georgian Radio social and political programs will be monitored in order to get the data below.

The following data will be calculated according to the international standard:

  • Topics in terms of the allotted time
  • Direct and indirect coverage of a subject in terms of the allotted time
  • Tone of coverage of a subject (positive,    negative, neutral)

The time will be calculated while a subject:

  • is on the screen
  • speaks in the frame
  • on the voice can be heard
  • the paraphernalia of a subject is visible
  • a subject is discussed

As to the coverage in terms of tone, it means a subject speaking about his/her or etc. subjects or when a subject is indirectly discussed. Apart from calculating the allotted time, we are going to assess the tone palpable in a journalist’s or a respondent’s text, as well a broader context of a story. Both the time allotted to this or that subject (how many times it was mentioned) and the journalist’s tone to it will be subject to monitoring.