EU Integration Committee Chair: Georgia deserves decent attitude from partners
EU Integration Committee Chair: Georgia deserves decent attitude from partners

“Georgia deserves a decent attitude from partners and assistance on the European path instead of creating obstacles,” Maka Botchorishvili, Chair of the parliamentary EU Integration Committee, stated at the plenary.

According to Botchorishvili, the European People’s Party won 25% support in the future European Parliament. The 2024 EP elections revealed an increasing distrust toward the ruling political elites in the EU member states that contributed to the ultra-rightists success.

Maka Botchorishvili remarked that in Germany, the parties forming the ruling coalition were defeated, and the French President appointed early parliamentary elections, while the Belgian PM resigned.

“The elections demonstrated that the European population mostly supports conservative values. Liberal political groups gained most mandates in the new EP. Significant negotiations are ahead of the final formation of political groups, and this process will show how the recent elections will affect the EU work for the next five years,” she said.

EU Integration Committee Chair believes that radical changes are unlikely, but EU enlargement should remain a priority.

“Georgia and the EU must work together to prepare for the enlargement moment. It is a period when both sides will have to cope with facing challenges, and the EU could take new members, including Georgia, on board, while Georgia has to be prepared for accession. For this, we need peace and political stability in the country.

This should be the solid basis for further development. Otherwise, we will not reach the target. The current government fights that our peaceful, stable, democratic development and European future are not jeopardized. In other aspects, we have demonstrated many times that we can move Georgia forward with correct reforms and take a leading place among members of the modern democratic community,” she said.