EU High Representative outlines key messages for Georgia's EU path
EU High Representative outlines key messages for Georgia's EU path

EU High Representative Josep Borrell, during a joint press conference with the Georgian Prime Minister, Irakli Kobakhidze, and European Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi in Brussels, discussed several key messages and areas of focus for Georgia’s progress in its relationship with the European Union.

Borrell mentioned that the process is merit-based, and conditions must be met. He urged Georgia to speed up the implementation of reforms, especially those outlined in the Association Agreement, to fulfil the nine recommendations provided by the European Commission. He stressed the importance of involving all stakeholders, including a vibrant civil society, in the reform process.

“This requires decisive steps to decrease political tension,” he added.

Borrell also addressed the importance of unity based on common values and principles between Georgia and the EU. He said that the EU expects an increase in Georgia’s alignment with the EU’s Foreign and security policy decisions, adding “We expect a significant increase in this alignment in the coming years”.

He called on the Georgian government to combat anti-Western rhetoric and information manipulation.

Borrell emphasized that 2024 will be an important test for Georgian democracy, particularly with upcoming elections.

“We welcome the electoral reforms taken so far and encourage you to finalize them for the upcoming elections, addressing all relevant recommendations of the Venice Commission and OSCE-ODIHR for free, fair and competitive parliamentarian elections,” he stated.

Additionally, he emphasized the significance of strengthening Georgia’s resilience, expressing the EU’s commitment to supporting the country’s security and defense efforts. “We are fully committed to your sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he added.