Cleaning operations underway in Guria after natural disaster
Cleaning operations underway in Guria after natural disaster

Giorgi Urushadze, the state representative in the Guria region, reported that extensive disaster relief efforts are underway in the affected area. He noted that cleaning operations are ongoing across all affected areas, involving both heavy equipment and the workforce.

“Intensive disaster relief measures are being conducted in the affected areas. We are in constant communication with the residents. Hotlines are operational. Humanitarian aid is being distributed to the affected population. At this stage, humanitarian assistance has been provided to more than 600 families,” stated Giorgi Urushadze.

He urged families who refuse to leave their homes to consider the recommendations of relevant authorities.

“A total of 147 individuals have been accommodated in a hotel, and the state will fully cover the expenses. Unfortunately, there are families who, despite requests and recommendations, are hesitant to leave their homes. I would like to once again urge them to relocate to a safe environment, as the municipality will provide temporary housing. Teams of geologists are working on site. According to preliminary information from the geologists, over 150 families may need to be relocated,” explained Urushadze.

Additionally, active efforts are underway to ensure timely access to electricity and natural gas for all affected families.

The heavy rains, floods, and landslides hit the Guria region last week, killing three individuals.