Bujar Osmani: OSCE needed more than ever
Bujar Osmani: OSCE needed more than ever

Foreign Ministers of Georgia and North Macedonia, Ilia Darchiashvili and Bujar Osmani, on Monday, held a joint press point, covering a number of issues.

In his remarks, Osmani stated that for many years, the OSCE and its participating states, like Georgia, played an integral part in ensuring stability, and security. “That’s why the OSCE is needed more than ever.”

“As Chair, we aim for the peaceful, comprehensive, and sustainable settlement of the conflict that affects your country. We stand behind any effort that provides positive dynamics and support for the full implementation of previously agreed measures and the identification of new areas for engagement,” he stressed.

Osmani pledged to “spare no efforts, in close cooperation with our partners, to continue solving detention cases, promote freedom of movement and raise crucial humanitarian issues.”

“This includes vital structures such as GID and IPRM. As OSCE Chair, North Macedonia fully supports the continuation of these key venues for dialogue under the joint leadership of the EU, OSCE, and UN. These channels and diplomatic processes must remain open not only to avoid further escalation but also to deal with the consequences of the 2008 conflict.

We support all pragmatic approaches with the view to provide real results to the people affected by conflict. The next IPRM meeting will take place on April 25 and we will continue our engagement to improve the situation of the conflict-affected population,” he added.