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Catholicos Patriarch – We hope that issue of Davit Gareji will be resolved through brotherly affection and fairly
Bidzina Ivanishvili met with Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia
Ilia II - I am grateful for your support
Sitting of Holy Synod is underway at Patriarchate
Catholicos Patriarch addresses Georgian governmental officials
Ilia II to Steinmeier: With such a great experience in diplomacy it won't be difficult for you to move process forward
Patriarch – I call on everybody to be together
Ilia II: I want to pay special attention to our youth, youth is clever, wise, but evil tries to take it from God
Ilia II: All mankind is tired, but grace of our Lord surpasses that fatigue
Ilia II: Those who gain God's grace will gain love and joy
Ilia II: Human faces with many obstacles on the road of life, that time he needs help, spiritual restraint
Ilia II: We should remember that peace is important for each person as well as for the country
Ilia II: Bad events are around us, so I want to ask you to be cautious and not to make mistakes
Ilia II: We have to do everything in order to maintain the holiness and traditions that had characterized our ancestors
Ilia II - A family is happy when it is legal, and legal family consists of a man and a woman
Ilia II blessed the Iveria Virgin Mary Icon Temple at Makhata Mount
Ilia II: With the blessing of the Lord we Iveria Virgin Mary Temple, that confirms that Georgia is under protection of Iveria Virgin Mary
Ilia II: We ask for a lot more and forget to be grateful
Foot washing ritual has been conducted at Sameba Cathedral [Photo]
Catholicos Patriarch – Fire destroyed the beauty not only of France but of whole Europe