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Ilia II - A family is happy when it is legal, and legal family consists of a man and a woman
Ilia II blessed the Iveria Virgin Mary Icon Temple at Makhata Mount
Ilia II: With the blessing of the Lord we Iveria Virgin Mary Temple, that confirms that Georgia is under protection of Iveria Virgin Mary
Ilia II: We ask for a lot more and forget to be grateful
Foot washing ritual has been conducted at Sameba Cathedral [Photo]
Catholicos Patriarch – Fire destroyed the beauty not only of France but of whole Europe
Ilia II: When enemy threatened the Georgian language, it was defended by young people, today we especially need the unity
Ilia II: Today is celebration of love and each of us must bring joy to their loved ones
Ilia II: Zviad Gamsakhurdia's cross is heavy; by the grace of God he did a lot good things for our nation
Ilia II: Prayer leads to transfiguration in human beings
Patriarch hosted Ross Wilson and his spouse at the Patriarchate
Ilia II: We should do everything to maintain Orthodoxy
Representative of Ecumenical Patriarchate – Georgian Patriarch has wisdom to make decision about autocephaly of Ukrainian church
57th Baptism ceremony was held
Ilia II: We should find new ideas, ways so that to change people to do good and not evil
Ilia II: Last year was hard, God willing, 2019 will be happy and full of joy
Bidzina Ivanishvili congratulated Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia on Christmas
Ilia II – 41 years of my being Patriarch were difficult
41 years after enthronement of Georgian Patriarch
Ilia II: People should be thankful for everything, do not forget God’s grace