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Georgian President pardons nine inmates
President pardoned 9 female convicts in connection with Annunciation Day
Prime Minister comments about pardoning
President of Georgia – You can kill me, I will not comment about pardoning
President’s Parliamentary Secretary says he trusts General Prosecutor’s Office
President’s Parliamentary Secretary summoned to General Prosecutor’s Office
Special Penitentiary Service confirms that pardoned prisoners list includes two convicts charged for drug dealing
Dimitri Gabunia claims that he does not know who drawn up list on pardoning
Whether President will be questioned with regard to the pardoning of convicts
General Prosecutor's Office launches investigation into pardoning of convicts by President
Public Defender: If we do not get answers, what arguments were the basis for pardoning, the investigation should be interested in it
PM – Pardoning of a police officer’s murderer and murderer, in general, is absolutely unacceptable
MP of European Georgia Party – Declaration of Moratorium on pardoning is irresponsibility
President - Pardoning is an assessment of circumstances and situation by a person, who can be a president at the same time and whose mistake cannot be excluded either
President declares Moratorium on Pardoning
Justice Minister – The right of Pardoning cannot be unlimited
Justice Minister – One of the persons pardoned by President is wanted
Salome Zurabishvili:  I promise not to allow President's attitude towards police to be called into question
MP Irma Nadirashvili – Pardoning of prisoner convicted for murdering police officer shakes state fundament
President pardons 34 prisoners