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Irakli Kobakhidze – Meeting with Giorgi Gakharia to be held by the end of this week
Giorgi Gakharia: Drug dealing and drug dealers are our common problem
Working on terms of agreement reached between Interior Minister and protest organizers to start today
Giorgi Gakharia pledges that Georgia will use all tools to hold thorough examination into Archil Tatunashvili’s case
Giorgi Gakharia – MIA will never approve pardoning for grave crimes
Giorgi Gakharia – Economic development will not be sustainable without security
Giorgi Gakharia to meet Swedish Interior Minister
Giorgi Gakharia: Archil Tatunashvili’s body to be repatriated in reasonable terms
Archil Tatunashvili’s father said no rallies will be held
Legislation to become stricter in fight against Criminal World
Giorgi Gakharia: We have a very ambitious plan to make Georgian police more efficient
Giorgi Gakharia – MIA reforms and fight against crime will have no value without human rights protection
Giorgi Gakharia - We have to maintain balance in order not to provoke encouragement by liberalization of drug policy
Ministry of Internal Affairs demands tougher penalty for realization of drugs
Giorgi Gakharia: Ratiani's case should be investigated with high objectivity
Giorgi Gakharia arrived at the meeting being held in Ministry of Culture
Giorgi Gakharia: No contact with National Movement and zero reaction
Giorgi Gakharia says next stage of reforms is expected in Patrol Police
Ramaz Sakvarelidze – Giorgi Gakharia’s personality deserves special interest
Giorgi Gakharia – Our Policy will be strict but fair