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111 patients recovered from COVID-19 in Georgia
Ekaterine Tikaradze: As a result of aggressive testing, about 20 doctors were diagnosed with coronavirus
Ekaterine Tikaradze: Early in May, the number of PCR tests will be filled up to 100,000
Maia Tskitishvili: We have very responsible citizens and with that mutual accord we managed to really stand ready to cope with the virus
COVID-19 fight and borderisation: Georgia sets good example - EURACTIV
COVID-19 cases in Georgia reach 408, recovered 95
95 patients recovered from COVID-19 in Georgia
Amiran Gamkrelidze: next three or four weeks will be quite difficult
74 people recovered from COVID-19 in Georgia
Reportedly, the nurse of Tim Clinic infected from a clergyman
COVID-19 cases in Georgia increase to 296
COVID-19 cases in Georgia increase to 272
Confirmed cases of COVID-19 reach 252 in Georgia
Sebastian Molineus: World Ban will support Georgian government’s health, social protection and economic recovery responses
Amiran Gamkrelidze presumes that by the end of week the number of COVID-19 cases will reach up to 400 in Georgia
Tengiz Tsertsvadze – Georgia is on 109th place globally in terms of COVID-19 prevalence and mortality rates
Tengiz Tsertsvadze presumes that COVID-19 cases will not exceed 1,000 in Georgia
86-year-old woman infected with COVID-19 died in Georgia
Telegraph: Georgia stands out among European crowd as a country that has coped unexpectedly well with global pandemic
Ekaterina Tikaradze: Rukhi medical clinic will be able to receive 100 patients by the end of the week