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Ukrainian President dismisses Ambassadors in several European countries
MP Khundadze: Destructive opposition bullies int'l partners
Labour Party leader: US Ambassador follows strategy, tactics that portray her vision, policy
MP Talishvili: Opposition remarks on EU, US Ambassadors mismatch Georgian policy
Girchi: Ruining relations with Western institutions amid crises not pragmatic
Georgian Parliament Vice-Speaker: Ambassadors voice represented countries, not personal views
Citizens leader says Russia dreams of seeing discredited West
Leader of Girchi – There is attempt on part of Ambassadors to approximate positions between government and opposition
Opposition to hold separate meetings with U.S. and EU Ambassadors
President – Georgia has passed democracy tests but the process has to be completed with peaceful and fair elections in Georgia
Facilitators of political dialogue urge all sides for participation in vote for Constitutional amendments
Giorgi Gakharia thanked the ambassadors accredited to Georgia for their support and assistance
Giorgi Gakharia instructs Georgian ambassadors to re-introduce Georgia to the world as a safe destination
Georgia has new Ambassadors in UK, Greece and Germany
Catholicos-Patriarch meets with Ambassadors
Chairman of Georgian Dream meeting with Ambassadors of EU counties
Georgia has new ambassadors in Ukraine, Kuwait and Vatican
Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs says German ambassador was in the Parliament, while other ambassadors were in touch with MIA on June 20
Ambassadors accredited to arrived at occupation line in Khurvaleti
Ambassadors of UK, US, Netherlands and Australia observing elections in Shida Kartli