Tbilisi Mayor: People decide who's in power
Tbilisi Mayor: People decide who's in power

“Georgian people will decide which party or parties will govern the country. This is not a decision to be made from outside or dictated,” said Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze.

Tbilisi Mayor commented on the meeting of Josh Huck, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, overseeing policy for Southern Europe and the Caucasus, with the opposition.

Kakha Kaladze said he ruled out the formation of a coalition government, considering the number of Georgian Dream supporters and recently conducted public opinion polls by international organizations.

“I think that today the only genuine force that has a chance to win and come to power with a constitutional majority is the Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia,” he said.

Tbilisi Mayor called the opposition representatives “evil-doers, who fight against Georgia’s supporters. He said the opposition did not want Georgia to receive EU candidate status by referring to the stance of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Ukraine’s EU accession.

“The opposition fights against those who support Georgia as much as possible. They do their best to prevent it, even during the status-obtaining process, but they will not succeed. The Georgian government does everything to get the status, to implement all the reforms in the next years, and to take appropriate steps to speed up the European integration process,” he said.