Speaker: Ready for close cooperation with W. Balkans, EU Eastern neighbourhood
Speaker: Ready for close cooperation with W. Balkans, EU Eastern neighbourhood

I am pleased that today, in the Georgian Parliament, we are discussing the enlargement of the European Union as a strategic investment in the peace, stability, security, and economic growth of the entire Europe, the Georgian Parliament Speaker Shalva Papuashvili addressed the inter-parliamentary conference of Georgia and the Western Balkan countries.

Papuashvili emphasized Georgia’s recent status as a candidate member, considering it a recognition of the country’s hard work and achievements.

“Joining the European Union is a lengthy process requiring patience and dedication. In this process, it is important to learn from the experiences of countries that have been on this path for years, gaining valuable insights into approaching EU standards,” said Papuashvili.

The Speaker highlighted shared interests, including accession negotiations, assistance before accession, improved management of the Europeanization process, and various challenges faced by both Georgia and the Western Balkans.

“Shortly, we anticipate becoming full members of one extensive family. Consequently, we stand prepared to be your close and valuable partner today, fostering the construction of bridges of cooperation between the Western Balkans and the Eastern neighbourhood of the European Union,” expressed Papuashvili.

He underscored the significance of progressive integration to achieve tangible results.

“Progressive integration is one of the best ways to prepare our countries and citizens for full EU membership. Last year, Georgia was granted observer status in the EU Transport Community, facilitating our progressive integration into the EU transport market. Georgia has also applied for membership in the Single European Payments Area, Single Roaming Area, and the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. Our citizens will especially feel the benefits coming from the European Union in this way,” stated the Speaker.