Speaker assesses NGOs statement as 'delayed patriotism'
Speaker assesses NGOs statement as 'delayed patriotism'

Georgian Parliament Speaker Shalva Papuashvili acknowledges the positive role of civil society in the country’s democratic progress across various sectors. However, he criticizes certain elite non-governmental organizations for initiating and implementing specific initiatives, including a recent statement to the European Commission.

“These elite NGOs exert pressure on MPs, attempting to hinder the implementation of recommendations. They persist in resisting Georgia’s well-deserved candidate status. In today’s statement, they maintain the stance that Georgia doesn’t deserve EU candidate status, yet suggest that it should be granted. Objectively evaluated, this is the pathos of their statement,” he expressed.

According to Papuashvili, Georgia and the Georgian people are winning, and this is obvious to everyone.

“The NGOs’ statement issued today reresents delayed patriotism. I would advise them to cease obstructing the path of the Georgian people. If their intention is genuinely to assist, it is better to stop now rather than further damaging the process,” Papuashvili emphasized.

Some non-governmental organizations have urged the European Commission to “recommend granting Georgia candidate status despite the ongoing challenges that the country must address.”