Police detained all three escapers from Aversi clinic
Police detained all three escapers from Aversi clinic

All three convicts were arrested, the Georgian Minister of Justice posted on a social network.

According to Rati Bregadze, the search operation was successfully completed in close cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He thanked the police for “enormous support,” praising the “high professionalism” of the Justice Ministry and police employees for implementing measures necessary for “the safety of our citizens.”

“Those guilty will be punished accordingly,” the minister wrote.

“This incomplete 24-hour story should be a lesson for everyone who is thinking about taking illegal steps against a law enforcement system focused on ensuring the security of Georgia and protecting human rights,” Rati Bregadze concluded.

The Justice Ministry confirmed the arrest of one convoy officer in connection with the prisoners’ escape on a charge which pertains to careless actions, resulting in the disorganization of the penitentiary institution’s activities. The offence is punishable by up to three years imprisonment.

The General Inspection of the Ministry of Justice is investigating the escape under Article 379, Part 2, Sub-Clause A of the Criminal Code.

Three prisoners escaped from the Tbilisi Aversi clinic on November 1 while on a medical examination.