Parliamentary majority leader echoes US Congressman's draft bill
Parliamentary majority leader echoes US Congressman's draft bill

Leader of the parliamentary majority Mamuka Mdinaradze on Facebook echoed the bill drafted by US Congressman Joe Wilson.

Mdinaradze remarked on the article published by POLITICO on May 20, based on which Washington could sign off on a sweeping package of economic and security support for Georgia if its government abandons its increasingly anti-Western rhetoric and stops backsliding on human rights.

1. What is attempted to be sold as the US stance is just an initiative of one Congressman, a similar of which has been initiated many times but unsuccessfully.

2. The initiative contains menacing and trading with the country’s sovereignty while menacing with sanctions and trading with visa liberalization, military adis and free economic relations.

3. In reality, this test initiative aims at reviving the protest mood. It represents a rescue ring for the divided opposition, and we see hysteric reactions.

4. Menacing sanctions and trading with the country’s fate and sovereignty is unimaginable from a legislator of a friend state.

Strategic partnership and friendship mean that visa-free travel, free economic relations and direct flight should open without preconditions, trading and menacing, and this was our call! Withdrawal of Transparency Law and rejecting independence is even more unacceptable than groundless refusal on the above partner issues.

This annual, constant, artificial turbulency and attempts of revolutions should end in this country, and we expect support from our friends and not vice-versa,” Mdinaradze wrote.