November 7 episode trial: Gigi Ugulava dismissed from courtroom 
November 7 episode trial: Gigi Ugulava dismissed from courtroom 

Today, Tbilisi City Court is trying into ex-president Saakashvili on November 7 episode [marks an anti-government rally dispersal by riot police in Tbilisi in 2007] amid high tension.

One of the defendants in this episode, former Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava, has been outed from the courtroom after insulting the judge. He demanded Saakashvili’s attendance at the trial, saying to the judge: “Of course, the court can convict without attendance. You are now spitting on the Constitution.”

Lawyer Beka Basilaia also requests Saakashvili’s presence at the trial. “He [Saakashvili] has a will to participate in the process. You should ensure his appearance here.”

Basilaia claims Penitencialy Service “breached” the procedures as “the ex-president’s position regarding the case is unknown. Moreover, they did not notify Saakashvili of the court request to attend.”

Earlier today, Special Penitentiary Service explained they could not take the ex-president to the courtroom due to possible destructive actions that may develop there. It further said Saakashvili’s transfer to the courtroom poses an additional risk to his health as he has halted a substantial part of his treatment.