NDI publishes report over upcoming October elections
NDI publishes report over upcoming October elections

The National Democratic Institute (NDI) on Sunday presented a report highlighting that with eight months until parliamentary elections and six months until campaigns begin, there are positive signs, including broad public support for democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

“Sustained positive public impression of the police; as well as a significant and maintained improvement in public perceptions of petty corruption; efforts to improve transparency by resuming the publication of government decrees; and innovations to improve the efficiency of election day processes. At the same time, there are serious challenges to electoral integrity that need to be addressed, such as polarization, verbal attacks on civil society (including citizen observers), fears about the possible misuse of administrative resources for political advantage, and concerns around the implementation of new electoral technologies,” the NDI went on.

According to the statement, “the delegation’s purpose was to accurately and impartially assess the broader political environment within which the elections will take place; review electoral preparations already underway; offer practical recommendations to promote more inclusive, transparent and accountable elections; and to demonstrate the international community’s support for credible elections and democratic governance in Georgia.”

“These will be the country’s first elections since gaining European candidacy status. They will provide the Georgian Government, and all political stakeholders, the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to the principles of inclusive, transparent and accountable elections as well as their adherence to democratic values,” stated Ambassador Per Eklund, former Head of the European Union Delegation to Georgia. “International and citizen observation plays a critical role in promoting credible elections and demonstrating the importance of global democratic norms.”

Delegation member and NDI Regional Director for Eurasia, Eva Busza, noted that “there remains significant time ahead of the October 2024 Parliamentary elections to build an enabling environment around elections that can ensure that they are a step forward on the Georgian democratic journey.”

The NDI deployed the first of two pre-election assessment missions (PEAM) to Georgia from February 19 to 25, 2024 in advance of the parliamentary elections to be held on October 26, 2024.