Leader of For Fair Georgia Party: Holding plebiscite is fiction and not serious
Leader of For Fair Georgia Party: Holding plebiscite is fiction and not serious

Eka Beselia, Leader of For Fair Georgia Party believes that oppositional parties have no right for any kind of compromise or retreat.

“This is a war of nerves and it is not easy,” Beselia said before the meeting of the opposition being held at Labor Party office, and recalled how she rejected her MP mandate in 2008.

According to Beselia, talks about a plebiscite are not serious and Georgian Dream Party is trying to win the time.

“One should take public interest above private interests. I do not wish to notice any weakness in any oppositional member including with a pretext of a completely absurd argument that is holding of plebiscite. This is fiction and an attempt to be trapped by Georgian Dream.

Beselia said that the ruling Georgian Dream will be forced to retreat when it fails to find a weak place that it is looking for inside the opposition.

Representatives of oppositional parties are gathered at Labor Party office to share with the information about the meeting held on December 4 and to finalize the common position of 20 parties.

On December 4, Georgian oppositional parties presented the approved, coordinated, and common position documented in details aimed to overcome the post-election crisis in Georgia to facilitator Ambassadors.

Nine opposition parties that passed a 1% threshold to enter the new Georgian parliament refused to recognize the October 31 parliamentary election results, calling them rigged. The U.S. and EU Ambassadors to Georgia are facilitating the negotiations between the ruling Georgian Dream Party and the opposition, though the first two rounds ended in no promising results.