Georgia's Voice to EU - March in Tbilisi

Georgia’s Voice to Europe is the main slogan of the march organized in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi one week ahead of the European Council’s political decision on the EU enlargement package, which envisages opening negotiations on EU accession for Ukraine and Moldova and granting Georgia EU candidate status.

With the main slogan “Georgia’s Voice to Europe,” ordinary citizens, representatives of non-governmental organizations and political parties joined the procession to reach their voice to Europe as a message that Georgian people are unanimous in their wish for Georgia to become a part of the European community.

The march started from First Republic Square and will end at Europe Square at Rike. The participants unfurled a colossal EU flag, meticulously crafted for this event and adorned with stars stitched in various regions of Georgia, representing the European ambitions of the entire Georgian society.

President of Georgia Salome Zourabichvili joined the European March. The President said that Europe is the space where the free opinion of people has utmost significance.

“So many people came and so many people reached their voice to Europe. Europe is the space where people and their free opinions have utmost significance. I very much hope that their free opinion will be taken into account and we will manage to celebrate again after December 15 and then prepare for the next year, which will be no less important,” said Salome Zourabichvili.