Film Director Goga Khaindrava sends letter to US Ambassador 
Film Director Goga Khaindrava sends letter to US Ambassador 

Goga Khaindrava, a Georgian Film Director addressed US Ambassador to Georgia, Robin Dunnigan with a letter.

The letter dated February 29, 2024, concerns jailed ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili. The Film director said he wants the US Ambassador to confirm or deny if the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sent a letter to Georgia in 2007 warning the Georgian government of Russia’s plotting a coup d’état in the country.

Here is the letter in full:

“On December 5, 2023, I applied to you with an open letter, which was published in the Georgian press at the same time. I asked you to clarify, confirm or deny whether the US Federal Bureau of Investigation sent a warning letter to the current government of Georgia in 2007 about the preparation of a coup inspired by Russia in Georgia.

I will remind you. On November 20, 2023, Mikheil Saakashvili, the currently convicted and accused ex-president of Georgia, stated in his testimony given to the court that on November 7, 2007, in Tbilisi, there was an attempt by the opposition to carry out a coup d’état ordered from Russia, about which he was warned by a letter from the US- The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

I would like to remind you that on this pretext, Saakashvili’s regime committed an unprecedented crime in the history of independent Georgia. He treated his citizens with unheard-of cruelty. There’s plenty of visual footage of this inhumane raid, and if you haven’t seen it before I highly recommend inspecting it for yourself and obtaining an impression of what a “force” the “United National Movement” and their leader are, which are in opposition today. I think it should be interesting for you to analyze how appropriate it was to call Saakashvili a “beacon of democracy” by the current US President JW Bush Jr. while he is still mentioned by this name by a certain part of the American political elite. Not to mention the American press and media, whose commissioned articles and narratives identified Saakashvili as the Founding Father of the United States.

In the first letter, we have already written to you about who represented the opposition at that time, and I will not repeat it. I will emphasize only one fact that the current president of Georgia, Salome Zurabishvili was there.

So, the issue seems simple. if the US Federal Bureau of Investigation warned currently convicted ex-president Saakashvili in a written form that a coup d’état inspired by Russia was planned in Georgia and this attempt would take place on November 7, 2007, It turns out that according to the version of Saakashvili and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, ex-president Saakashvili should not be accused in this case, but we, the members of the opposition, including the President Zurabishvili, should be brought to justice under the article of treason.

Now you can decide whether you would like to clarify this extremely important issue for Georgian society. you can confirm or deny the existence of such a letter or can remain silent.

I would like to assure you, Madam Ambassador, that not answering this time will already be an answer. How useful this will be for Georgian-American future relations, about which you spoke at length in the Parliament of Georgia on February 28, the future will determine,” he said.