Defense Minister: Shindisi battle heroes portray Georgia's history
Defense Minister: Shindisi battle heroes portray Georgia's history

Seventeen heroes of the Shindisi battle portray Georgia’s history, said Juansher Burchuladze, Georgian Defense Minister.

In Burchuldze’s words, Georgia and its future “stand on such heroes.”

“Seventeen heroes stood on one side and injustice on the other. Five tanks, armoured vehicles, and artillery fought against our 17 heroes, but this couldn’t break them. Similar happened throughout history. Our heroes cannot be broken. Our homeland and our future stand on our heroes,” he said.

A memorial of Shindisi battle heroes opened today. The opening of a museum is planned on the same territory.

On August 11, Georgia commemorates 17 soldiers who lost their lives during the Russia-Georgia 2008 war in a battle in Shindisi village.

The 17 heroes were Aleksandre Oniani, Emzar Tsilosani, Vepkhia Jishkariani, Zviad Katsadze, Teimuraz Beridze, Ilia Gabunia, Ilia Sheklashvili, Irakli Janelidze, Kakha Koshadze, Levan Mikeladze, Marlen Baramia, Mikheil Dvalishvili, Nikoloz Porchkhidze, Roman Zoidze, Ruslan Tsuladze, Peliks Kakauridze and Shmagi Kupatadze.