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Davit Sergeenko: Blood Bank is trying to use the tragic incident for its own marketing
Additional stores of antiviral vaccines to be imported in Georgia next week
According to the Ministry of Health, number of seasonal flu cases decreased
 New stores of Tamiflu is available across the country, it will be issued free of charge
Issuance of Tamiflu free of charge to begin starting second half of the day
Tamiflu to be issued free of charge to everyone if prescribed
Amiran Gamkrelidze – Number of calls to First Medical Aid is decreased but applications to hospitals are increased
Supplies of “Tamiflu” to be filled up on January 9-10
Young man died supposedly of so-called Swine Flu
Amiran Gamkrelidze – H1N1 virus stamm spread today is more aggressive
Paata Imnadze: Majority of viruses spread during current season is Swine Flu
National Center of Diseases Control presumes increase of flu cases from end of December
Laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza have been reported in Georgia
Prices for Parkinson and Epilepsy medicines will become cheaper
Rehabilitation of Surami Psychiatric Hospital will be completed by the end of the year
Free-of-charge Vaccination activity to be held on November 22
Davit Sergeenko calls on population for vaccination against flu
Shigellosis detected in children hospitalized in Tskaltubo Municipality
Prices on medicines for pensioners and people with disabilities to be reduced
Mamuka Bakhtadze – Georgia can become the first country in elimination of C Hepatitis