Tag: Incident

Earthquake hits Georgia
An earthquake hit Dagestan, two kilometers away from Georgia border
Six people killed in fire in Baghdati
Tourist falls from guard-rail of Bagrati Temple
Newly-born child found in elevator in Tbilisi
Gas leak caused death of two men in Rustavi
Land Transport Agency – Passengers injured in road accident near Lipetsk to be transferred to Georgia
Five people killed in road accident at Chakvistavi village, Kobuleti Municipality
One died and 14 people injured in a road accident at Airport Highway, Tbilisi
Gurjaani Mayor and three employees of Gurjaani Municipality injured in road accident
Fire at Pirosmani Street extinguished
Azeri helicopter involved in search works of two men at Jandari Lake
Russian Emergency Situations Management Service battling with fire in occupied Abkhazia
15 people injured in road accident in Keda, Adjara region
Explosion in IDPs’ settlement, one person injured
Minister of Internal Affairs arrives at explosion site at Guramishvili Avenue
Explosion at Guramishvili Avenue (Photo)
Strong wind un-roots several trees in Tbilisi and Rustavi
Georgian First Channel fell victim of a cyber attack
Air conditioner falls onto passer-by in Kobuleti resort