Gov't and opposition agree on a 120/30 electoral model
Gov't and opposition agree on a 120/30 electoral model

An agreement on the electoral model between the government and the opposition has been reached.

As the dialogue facilitators, said in their statement, the agreement foresees an election system for 2020 based on 120 proportional mandates and 30 majoritarian mandates, a fair composition of election districts, a 1% threshold, and a cap recognizing that no single party that wins less than 40% of the votes should be able to get its own majority in the next parliament.

“We recognize today’s agreement as a stepping-stone on Georgia’s democratic path. We call on all sides to adhere to it and to safeguard its successful adoption in Parliament and subsequent implementation, for the benefit of the people and country of Georgia,” the statement reads.

According to the participants of the meeting, A Memorandum of Understanding on the electoral system was signed by both parties.

Negotiations were held at the U.S. Ambassador’s residence.

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