Tag: War in Ukraine

20 journalists killed during Russia’s war on Ukraine
Russia should be deprived of the possibility to terrorize neighbouring countries, Ukrainian President says
Georgia ranks 1st among 191 countries in Ukraine aid supply, Economy Ministry says
Over 4 million Ukrainians have fled their country since Russia's invasion
Number of Georgians wounded in Ukraine rises to 8
International donors pledge 9.1 billion Euros to support Ukrainian refugees
UN estimates more than 11 million people displaced in Ukraine
Ukrainian President visits Bucha
Georgian President: It’s tough imagining world where Bucha Massacre exists
Russian troops in Transdnestria preparing to stage provocations, Ukraine says
Georgian fighter, killed in Ukraine, repatriated to Georgia
President Zelensky signs decree recalling Ambassadors from Georgia and Morocco
Over four million Ukrainian refugees have fled war, UN says
Russia to scale down military activity near Kyiv, Chernihiv
Russia-Ukraine Talks kick off in Istanbul
Russia strangled democracy, U.S. President says
Procedures launched to repatriate body of Georgian volunteer killed in Ukraine
US to welcome 100 thousand refugees from Ukraine
European Council demands that Russia immediately stop war against Ukraine
Ukrainian President asks world leaders to give weapons to Ukraine now