Tbilisi mayoral candidates to debate on GPB on September 21
Third Force to nominate single-mandate candidates in Rustavi
Majority MP says UNM members broke into GD Khelvachauri office
GD Tbilisi Mayoral candidate to present social policy
GPB to publish August 13-September 13 pre-election media monitoring results
European Georgia to present party list, single-mandate candidates in Batumi
Labor Party to never pour Tbilisi and citizens' lungs with concrete, never plundered Georgia
European Georgia to be most reliable partner in a fight for freedom in October 2 referendum
Third Force assures voters of another way, rather than two choices offered
Ana Gogoladze: October 2 referendum to be a chance for opposition to make people's expectations reality by defeating GD
Pati Barjadze: Tbilisi needs knowledge, and Aleko Elisashvili-Citizens party has it
Lado Bozhadze calls on citizens to vote, confident of GD's victory
Qualified candidates for 2021 municipal race to debate on GPB today
Nana Devdariani: Nothing changed for the better, neither in GD's nine-year rule nor UNM when in power
Kakha Zhgenti: Lelo to have specific plans to manifest a problem-solving approach to all citizens
Hermann Szabo: Come to the polls to create demand for different policy
Self-government belongs to people, European Democrats sum up party's philosophy
Qualified candidates for 2021 municipal race to debate on GPB tomorrow
GPB offers airtime to all Tbilisi mayoral candidates
GPB First Channel offers all qualified candidates to partake in debates