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ICOMOS gives positive evaluation to Gelati Monastery restoration works
Didgori Battle computer game presented
Georgian Film Academy elects President
Grand concert wraps up New Year activities in Tbilisi
Tbilisi Gala Concert to celebrate New Year’s Eve on Friday
Niko Kajaia's impressive performance at JESC 2021
JESC 2021 to begin today at 7 pm
Vote for Niko Kajaia - Online voting opens for JESC 2021
Saudi Arabia’s Inaugural Red Sea Film Festival Gives Top Award to Brighton 4th
Georgian JESC contender to get number two on stage
Gold Prometheus awarded to film Otari’s Death, special price went to Levan Tediashvili for Brighton 4th
Tinatin Berdzenishvili, Director General of the GPB, was awarded by the 16th International Easter Festival
The Guardian publishes article about tourist attractions in Georgia
Circus Mircus to represent Georgia at Eurovision 2022
Nikoloz Kajaia to present Georgia at JESC 2021
GPB co-produced Brighton 4th wins three prizes at Cottbus Film Festival
Italian climate specialist arrives to study situation at Gelati
GPB documentary Jester’s Calendar to be awarded special jury prize at Heart of Europe
UNESCO to establish World Book Capitals network
Digitalized version of documentary Tbilisi to be premiered online