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EU Ambassador: No one should experience any form of violence
GD Chair accuses "collective UNM, its NGOs and foreign patrons" of violence
Court imprisons 2 persons for violence against TV Pirveli cameraman, civilian
US Ambassador: No clear consequence to violence may incite more violence
Clerics shield journalists on July 5, Patriarchate says
Prosecution to indict four more persons for violence against media
US Ambassador: July 5 to be a disappointing day for Georgia
Prosecution to indict eight more for violence against media, Tbilisi Pride raid
OSCE US Mission to condemn violence in Tbilisi
Court rules imprisonment to three detainees for violence against media
MIA to detain eight more people for violence and harm
Prosecution to indict five more persons for violence against media
GPB Dir/Gen hopes yesterday's developments to be investigated and serve misbehaviour example
New flare up of violence breaks out between Azerbaijan and Armenia
German Ambassador – In comparison to 2018 presidential elections, this year campaign has begun much better
Prosecutor: Court not agreed that there was a risk of a new crime, although this does not mean that evidence not exists
Court grants Bail to Nikoloz Basilashvili
Louisa Vinton - We expect that promise on moving to proportional system will be delivered on
MIA – Cases of violence against children increased
Georgian Patriarchate says it merges from violence containing statements