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NCDC Head report up to 300 cases of Covid-19 among one-dose vaccinated Georgians
MPs get Sinopharm jabs
Fully Covid-19 vaccinated citizens to enjoy various benefits
Gov't, MPs, employees of tourism and hospitality, public transport drivers and controllers to be admitted to vaccination this week
NCDC Head gets Sinopharm jab live on TV
NCDC Head says vaccination to become a popular trend
Cabinet and Parliament Members to engage in Covid-19 vaccination
Citizens from occupied territories to be Covid-19 tested instead of 5-day quarantine
Georgian population aged 55 and over to get AstraZeneca jab
IRI: 39 per cent of Georgians do not plan Covid-19 vaccination
Additional Pfizer doses to be available
Pfizer vaccination starts in Georgia
Over eight thousand volunteers apply to get Covid-19 shot
Georgia to launch general registration for coronavirus jabs by mid-April
Pfizer vaccination to kick off on March 30
Georgian Health Minister meets regional medical staff
Covid-19 vaccination for citizens aged 65 years and over kicks off on March 25
Health Minister got AstraZeneca shot live on TV
NDI poll: 53% of interviewed not to get Covid-19 vaccine
Covid-19 vaccines to be available for population aged 65 years and over