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UK Ambassador: Anything hindering civil society to operate is something we would be extremely concerned about
Protesters verbally, physically assault TV Imedi, POSTV film crews
Protesters demand POSTV film crew leave rally (VIDEO)
Parliament concludes session, political speeches to resume on April 17
Charles Michel: Transparency of Foreign Influence bill not consistent with Georgia’s EU aspiration, its accession trajectory
UNM Chankotadze urges to withdraw transparency bill, warning even one death could have very bad outcome
Political debate on transparency bill likely to continue tomorrow
Protesters and police clashed in vicinity of Parliament building
Transparency of Foreign Influence Bill causes altercations during first reading debate
Majority leader: Such law is never in interests of any country except for country where it is in effect
MIA urges protesters to follow legal requests of police
PM discusses Transparency of Foreign Influence Bill with US, EU, UK Ambassadors
Speaker backs PM's call for Ambassadors' involvement in Transparency of Foreign Influence bill discussion
MP Elisashvili physically insulted majority leader Mdinaradze
MPs get into verbal altercations at Committee sitting addressing Foreign Influence Transparency Law
Protest against Transparency of Foreign Influence Bill underway at Parliament building
MP Mdinaradze: State compelled to address opaque funding; bill targets all foreign funding sources, including Russia
MP Mdinaradze says no to Russian laws and no to slavery, as decisions are made based on Georgia's interests
Majority MP: No need to withdraw; bill is of European origin, focusing on transparency
Opposition MPs demand withdrawal of Transparency of Foreign Influence Bill