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Batumi and Kutaisi students join protest against Transparency Bill
Jake Sullivan: Thousands of peaceful protestors turned out in rainy Tbilisi to demand GD withdraw bill
‘Transparency law enactment crucial prerequisite for achieving depolarization’ - PM tells EC’s Michel in phone talk
President Zourabichvili, EC's Charles Michel hold phone talk
CoE SG calls on Georgian MPs to wait for Venice Commission opinion on Transparency Bill
Austrian Foreign Ministry supports Georgians' right to protest
Parliament backs Transparency Bill in 2nd reading
Tensions and verbal clashes at Legal Affairs Committee over transparency bill
Legal Affairs Committee expels several opposition MPs after heated debate over transparency bill
NGOs suspend cooperation formats with gov't
Charles Michel says if candidate countries vote bills not in line with EU principles, it has impact on process
State Dept Spox says US joins EU allies in urging Georgia not to enact legislation against Georgian people will
Parliament keeps yellow security level on April 18 amid tensions over Transparency bill
PM: Scholz told me he dislikes either EC's or French law; that's understandable, but nobody criticized France for that
PM: Nothing can hamper state sovereignty protection, therefore, final adoption of law. Towards Europe with dignity
PM: Transparency cannot be aimed against anyone; it cannot distinguish enemies from friends
PM: NGOs never condemned calls for 2nd front-line; had Transparency Law existed back then, they would've restrained themselves from war propaganda
Rally participants attack TV Imedi journalist
Mdinaradze says ambassadors urged to release Saakashvili, as nearly dying, which was untrue; now, same countries urge to revoke transparency bill
MP Mdinaradze says the Georgian transparency bill bears no bans unlike in other countries, neither affects physical individuals