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Justice Minister – Statement of US Embassy signals that we should continue working on perfection of court system
Justice Minister – German Model of elections is anti-Constitutional and no next debates will be held over this issue
Justice Minister – Georgian government puts peaceful but firm policy in oppose to occupation
New rules for replacement of lost or stolen passport
Micro prisons may be established for juvenile convicts
Justice Minister – The right of Pardoning cannot be unlimited
Justice Minister – One of the persons pardoned by President is wanted
Maia Tskitishvili and Tea Tsulukiani to hold the posts of Vice Prime Minister
Tea Tsulukiani met US Attorney General William Barr
Tea Tsulukiani: Ministry of Justice will continue its work to maintain visa-free regime with EU countries
Justice Minister – Making of changes will become necessary regarding visa-free regime
Georgian citizens living abroad will be able to receive passport free of charge within a month
Tea Tsulukiani – Decision made into case of deported Georgian citizens was Russia’s defeat
Justice Minister in parliament
Justice Minister to arrive in parliament
Prime Minister – I cannot imagine our team without Tea Tsulukiani
Tea Tsulukiani remains Justice Minister – Issue is solved, we continue working as united team
Irakli Kobakhidze – It is our duty to listen to Tea Tsulukiani
Gia Volski – Issue which Justice Minister is talking about is presumably linked to disjointing of Penitentiary Service
Tea Tsulukiani does not exclude her resignation