Tag: Salome Zourabichvili

Constitutional Court hears President Zourabichvili's impeachment case
Constitutional Court starts President's impeachment oral hearing
Former judge and ex-deputy speaker to represent President in Constitutional Court
GD Chair says President Zourabichvili and radical opposition sabotage Georgia's European future
President Zourabishvili: Visit to Lithuania not approved by gov't, but mandated by Georgian people
President Zourabichvili states she cannot effect over Saakashvili's situation
Lelo member says President's impeachment to be GD's masquerade
Latvian President encourages Georgia to accelerate reforms for EU candidacy
Tbilisi Mayor says President follows radical opposition agenda
UNM not to participate in Russian games linked to plotted impeachment of President
Speaker calls on President to stop attacking NBG
President continues meetings with European leaders
Speaker: President threatened NBG to deprive it of function if uncomfortable with regulations
President Zourabichvili plays political game, jailed ex-president Saakashvili says
President awaits conclusion on termination of Partskhaladze's citizenship to comply with
Georgian President: We all want European future; there is no other future
Constitutional Court to submit its judgment on President's impeachment to parliament within one month
President nominates two candidates for NBG Board Member position
GD faction chair says President Zourabichvili goes into opposition fearing removal from office
Georgian President pardons nine inmates