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Tea Tsulukiani - Strasbourg Court rejects to revise its Rustavi 2 TV ruling
Kakha Kojoridze says that court subjected 60% shares of Rustavi 2 to distraint
NGOs - Dismissal of leading journalists at Rustavi 2 is actually a change of editorial policy of the channel
Rustavi 2 General Director says Nino Shubladze is possible candidate for Head of TV Company’s News Department
Several employees dismissed from Rustavi 2 TV Company
Paata Salia: All this gives rise to doubt that company has been bankrupted for years deliberately
Ia Kitsmarishvili goes to court seeking 30% of shares of Rustavi 2 TV Company
Kibar Khalvashi: I decided to sell Rustavi 2 through a transparent competition to those who would pay the highest price
Former Financial Director of Rustavi 2 being questioned at Prosecutor's Office
Questioning of Nika Gvaramia ended at Tbilisi City Court
Nika Gvaramia: Rustavi 2 case was considered by wealthy Azeri and post-Soviet judges
Nika Gvaramia arrived at Tbilisi City Court
Nika Gvaramia to be questioned today
Prosecutor's Office plans to seize documents from Rustavi 2 contractors and question Nika Gvaramia
Kibar Khalvashi offers 40% of Rustavi 2 shares to Jarji Akimidze and Davit Dvali
Salome Zurabishvili: Rustavi 2 is the case, president should not interfere
Ministry of Justice Publishes Letter from Strasbourg Court regarding Rustavi 2 Case
MP Levan Koberidze offers Davit Dvali and Jarji Akimidze to hold open discussions in Parliament
Jarji Akimidze and Davit Dvali: Today one person stands between us and restoration of justice and this person is not Kibar Khalvashi
Kibar Khalvashi: Editorial independence will be guaranteed, however, editorial independence does not mean fulfilling anybody`s whims and caprices