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Republican Party: We missed a chance, government to be responsible
Georgian President: Document proposed by EU mediator to be good basis for future progress
Lelo for Georgia: Early elections to be discussed in future
UNM: Our country lost a historic opportunity
Citizens party: Main problem to be absence of readiness for sincere compromise
EU mediator: None of political parties could agree to put country interest first
EU mediator: There was no willingness to reach compromise
EU mediator: None of political parties could agree
Parliament Vice-Speaker expects most of opposition to enter parliament
EU mediator Danielsson meets UNM, Republican Party
GD Chairman Kobakhidze: No early elections to be a given, not ultimatum
Majority MP: Number of party leaders and journalists at last street rally exceed supporters
EU Ambassador to Georgia: Agreement possible if all sides demonstrate sincere willingness
Citizens Party: Opposition renounced using local election as gauge to call new parliamentary elections
GD Chairman: Opposition intended to disrupt talks
Lelo for Georgia: No agreement reached as GD demonstrates inflexibility
Gov't, opposition, EU mediator to hold joint consultations
NATO SG: NATO allies concerned with recent developments in Georgia, detention of major opposition party leader
Opposition Citizens party believes EU statements indicate election debate should end
Economy Minister accents unprecedented involvement of European partners to ensure peace in Georgia