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EU Ambassador invites elected MPs to sign EU-mediated agreement at the EU Delegation from 9 am on Tuesday
US Ambassador says political agreement to be open for individual members to sign
Georgian President thanks President Michel for his efforts
UNM's Samadashvili states failure of compromise agreement signed today to be in Russia's interests
Political parties to sign Charles Michel's compromise paper today
GD and opposition meet at EU Delegation Office
Opposition and government to meet at 19:00
Opposition holds meetings in Batumi
MEP Marina Kaljurand to urge the opposition to reconsider its position
UNM to continue talks, consultations, waits for proposals by Western partners
GD MP Sergeenko: Separation of GD MPs without preliminary consultations to be unexpected
Citizens party: Time for parties to make bold decisions individually
Opposition to start meeting population in regions from April 10
UNM needs many people at May 15 rally
MP Kadagishvili: Radical opposition rejects any agreement
MEP Viola von Cramon: Opposition to take responsibility, first steps
Georgian Dream, opposition blame each other for failed talks amid MEPs criticism
Georgian Dream, opposition echo MEPs joint statement on failed EU mediated talks
MEP Viola von Cramon to hold informal meetings in Georgia
Girchi opposition party: No other way but negotiations