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Gov't, opposition comment on UNM Nika Melia as single opposition mayoral candidate
Girchi party: Saakashvili and UNM not to be banned from Georgian politics
GD MP Okhanashvili: Melia to violate bail conditions again if Saakashvili dictates
GD MP Okhanashvili: Engagement of foreign citizen in canvassing to be a threat
Opposition, ruling party MPs backlash increased penalties for police disobedience
Opposition politicians meet Tskhinvali-imprisoned Zaza Gakheladze’s family
Vice Speaker Gia Volski: Parliamentary opposition to be immature
Lithuania to monitor EU-brokered agreement, Lithuanian FM tells opposition
US Ambassador emphasizes the importance of opposition in parliament
Opposition parties call on non-signatory colleagues to show responsibility for the political process
Opposition to register alternative amnesty bill
Strategy Aghmashenebeli leader says two amnesty bills to be registered
New Parliament Speaker to spare no effort for all clauses of Michel's agreement be fulfilled timely
Opposition, parliamentary majority meet
Turkish Ambassador commends all political actors for reaching consensus that is essence of democracy
Labour Party's Natelashvili says he did his utmost to hold back opposition from capitulating to Ambassador Degnan at the first round of talks
US Department of State calls on individual MPs and remaining parties to sign Michel's agreement
Vashadze called on colleagues to show European culture
EU Ambassador invites elected MPs to sign EU-mediated agreement at the EU Delegation from 9 am on Tuesday
US Ambassador says political agreement to be open for individual members to sign