Tag: Negotiations

US Ambassador: Compromise is not a sign of weakness
Ambassador Degnan believes parties to work effectively within parliament after agreement
US Ambassador to Georgia: Compromise deal means no one gets one hundred per cent of what they want
Citizens party hopeful negotiations to continue
Girchi opposition party to negotiate to enter Parliament
Strategy Aghmashenebeli unequivocally excludes direct talks with GD
UNM ready to continue negotiations
MEP Michael Gahler calls on stakeholders to be solution-oriented
Citizens Party: Opposition renounced using local election as gauge to call new parliamentary elections
Strategy Aghmashenebeli: GD greatly blew Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic prospects
Girchi member: We all failed
GD Chairman: Opposition intended to disrupt talks
Lelo for Georgia: No agreement reached as GD demonstrates inflexibility
Parliament Speaker says no early elections to be appointed
GD Chair sees negotiations move in right direction
Gov't, opposition, EU mediator to continue consultations on Thursday
Strategy Aghmashenebeli: No agreement possible without early elections and release of political prisoners
Opposition Citizens party believes EU statements indicate election debate should end
GD Chair: Several points of possible agreement to be discussed today
EU Ambassador to Georgia: Responsibility to find the way forward lies with the sides