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MIA to detain eight more people for violence and harm
MIA pledges to ensure freedom of expression and assembly during Pride Week
MIA statement on Ninotsminda Boarding School
Georgia marks Police Day
Movement for Georgia and opposition hold protest at MIA
MIA calls on protesters to obey police instructions
MIA publishes pecuniary penalty receipt of Russian journalist
US Embassy hands over modern inspection equipment to Patrol Police
MIA to launch investigation into death of Akhaltsikhe nurse
Police detain seven people at Parliament
MIA claims police act proportionally
MIA postpones UNM Chair's arrest due to PM resignation
MIA calls on UNM to avoid violence
MIA denies mobilization of special ops at UNM office
MIA seizes weapons during rally against Namakhvani HPP 
UNM held a rally-performance in front of the Interior Ministry
MIA – Organization of Corridors of Shame at polling stations contains signs of crime
Kakhaber Sabanadze: When there is immediate threat to life or health of police officer or member of society, police officer has the legal right to apply special measures without warning
MIA launches investigations into 12 Criminal Cases and 16 Administrative Facts on Election Day
MIA launched investigation into 6 facts detected in the course of election process