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New Year tree lights up in Tbilisi
Tbilisi City Hall to spend 700-800 000 GEL on families in need of support, instead of New Year village arrangement
About half a million GEL will be spend on supply of socially vulnerable elderly people with food products
Kakha Kaladze: Everything will become clear when the third round of negotiations held
Tbilisi Mayor urges opposition to try to end polarization, to unite to do righteous deeds for country
Tbilisi Mayor – Georgian Dream is not considering to question free will expressed by Georgian people through free elections
Kakha Kaladze addresses Tbilisians to show strength of solidarity
Kakha Kaladze: There is no ground for holding snap elections
Kakha Kaladze: Recount of votes of the eleven precincts confirmed that election fraud did not take place
Food products' distribution to parents of Tbilisi kindergartens' children continues
Gov't temporarily closes Kindergartens from tomorrow
Kakha Kaladze – Georgian Dream can form majority in future parliament even based on results of the first round of elections
General Secretary of Georgian Dream – Despite some cases of conflict, election process is ongoing in peaceful environment
Tbilisi Mayor – Issue of Davit Gareji is Georgia’s domestic affair and its politicizing is unacceptable
Tbilisi Mayor - We will not allow anyone to overthrow the city
Kakha Kaladze says Georgian Dream is the only force with real opportunity to obtain high results in upcoming elections
Tbilisoba City Fest events cancelled
Kakha Kaladze – Tbilisi is everybody’s city
Kakha Kaladze: No one is insured from meddling in the elections, but we must be careful
Kakha Kaladze – C.T. Park fines will be written off for up to 6 thousand people