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CEC: 56.11% voter turnout by 20:00
CEC – Voter turnout for 10:00 was 8.33%
10,845 voters in inpatient care and in self-isolation hospitals to take part in the October 31 elections
Protest held at CEC with demand to extend terms for registration of COVID-19 infected persons
CEC to open 40 overseas polling stations for parliamentary elections
CEC pledges to create all the conditions for citizens to use their civil rights freely and safely on the Election Day
Process of registration for political organizations simplified
Preliminary Results of October 27 Sakrebulo By-elections
According to the CEC, 116 complaints submitted to DECs
CEC – highest activity for 12:00 fixed in Sagarejo
Electronic vote counting to be implemented in several precincts for May 19 elections
Georgia’s President presents two candidates on post of CEC member
Tamar Zhvania elected as chairperson of CEC
CEC to elect new chairperson today
Salome Zurabishvili presented candidates for the post of CEC Chairperson
Tamar Zhvania may take post as CEC Chairwoman again
Salome Zurabishvili wins Presidential Elections with 59,52% of votes
CEC counted 99.7% of Votes: Salome Zurabishvili is leading with 59.56%, while Grigol Vashadze has - 40.44%
CEC – Voter turnout for 20:00 fixed at 56.23 %
CEC – Voter turnout for 17:00 fixed at 47.31%