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Carl Hartzell: Only disinformation and fake stories are spreading faster than the virus, therefore this year’s celebration bears special significance
Carl Hartzell -- Unprecedented support to Georgia represents a demonstration of the EU’s and the whole Team Europe’s solidarity with a key partner and friend
EU Ambassador – “Borderisation” from Georgian breakaway region of South Ossetia is completely unacceptable
Carl Hartzell: Congratulations to Georgia on 9 April, celebrating its restoration of independence and commemorating those who tragically lost their lives standing up to Soviet troops
EU Ambassador to Georgia expresses gratitude to health workers
EU to allocate additional EUR 20 million to Georgia
Carl Hartzell: I cannot think of a better place to be right now than here in Georgia
Carl Hartzell - There is a possibility of agreement between gov't and opposition
Carl Hartzell – Agreement on Free Trade Areas with EU increases Georgia’s Competitiveness
Carl Hartzell  - The window of opportunity for Georgian electoral system closes
Carl Hartzell - Shotadze's appointment as Prosecutor General is problematic
Carl Hartzell - Common ground for amendments to legislation must be found quickly, as window of opportunity closes
Carl Hartzell - We will do our best to renew the dialogue between gov't and opposition
EU Ambassador comments about evaluations regarding concern on current situation in Georgia
Carl Hartzell: Situation at ABL is a matter on which EU is firm supporter of Georgia
EU Ambassador to Georgia welcomes release of Doctor Gaprindashvili
EU Ambassador to Georgia – Finding compromise through dialogue is the best way forward
Carl Hartzell - We should boost the dialogue on election system between Gov't and opposition 
Carl Hartzell - The discussion was not easy, but I see the sides have a responsible approach to the dialogue
President of Georgia met with Carl Hartzell