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French Minister of Internal Affairs – We will be strict with all Georgians who arrive in France for seeking asylum
Georgian ambassador to Ireland - There are no political circumstances for Georgian citizens to seek asylum in Ireland
Georgian citizens not asking for asylum from Iceland
Swiss Secretary of State – Every application of a Georgian asking for asylum from Switzerland will be rejected
Czech Republic listed Georgia as safe country
Number of asylum requests by Georgian citizens in Israel reduced by 70%
None of Georgian citizens granted asylum by Iceland in 2018
1260 Georgian citizens applied to Sweden for asylum in 2018, only five applications were satisfied
Georgians lead Irish asylum claims
Austrian government proposes new rules for granting asylum
OFPRA – 1542 citizens of Georgia requested asylum in France in 2017
1859 Georgian citizens applied to EU with request to grant asylum in January
Germany to prohibit entry for several years to those who were rejected asylum
38 Georgian citizens granted asylum in Canada in 2017
Luxembourg listed Georgia as safe country
Tamar Khulordava – number of Georgians seeking asylum in Germany was less in 2017 than in 2016
Mikheil Janelidze - We warn citizens not to be fooled by false information and suggestions when traveling to EU
MFA - Majority of applications of Georgian asylum-seekers are not satisfied as EU ranks Georgia as safe
None of applications of Georgian asylum seekers were satisfied in Sweden in 2017  
37 Georgian citizens asked Norway for asylum last year