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Russia reports 5,905 new coronavirus cases, 134 deaths
Armenia reports 239 new COVID-19 cases, 138 recoveries
WHO calls for a 14-day quarantine period amid alarming rates of COVID-19 transmission
Azerbaijan documents 119 fresh coronavirus cases, 2 deaths in the last 24 hours
World Bank: Georgia needs more investment in human capital to assure well-being of its future generations
CDC Head: Face masks may be even more effective than coronavirus vaccine
Ursula von der Leyen: We have seen the pattern of Russia's actions in Georgia and Ukraine, Syria and Salisbury
Russia reports 5 670 new coronavirus cases
Armenia reports 257 new coronavirus cases
Georgian Embassy to Israel warns citizens of second nationwide lockdown
Tens of thousands rallying in Minsk
Two Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies shot in Compton attack
WHO chief: 180 COVID-19 vaccines in development
EU extends sanctions over Russia's Crimea annexation
Azerbaijan reports 89 new cases of coronavirus, 3 deaths
194 people apprehended during rally in Minsk
Thousands of people rallying in Minsk
Birmingham stabbings - One dead, 5 others suffer life-threatening injuries 
North Atlantic Council to discuss poisoning of Alexander Navalny
MEPs deeply concerned over the case of Alexei Navalnyi