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Congratulations from Religious Leaders: Beglar Kamashidze, Mufti of Administration of Muslims of all Georgia
Congratulations from Religious Leaders: Bishop Vazgen Mirzakanyan, Primate of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia
Congratulations from Religious Leaders: Rusudan Gotsiridze, Bishop of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Georgia
Multicultural Georgia - New Year greetings to Georgian citizens of all nationalities
State Security Service gives additional material to Elderly Council in Pankisi
Flights in direction of Larnaka and Memingham scheduled
New Year preparations at Dedaena Garden
Tbilisi Subway, buses and cable-rope to be free-of-charge on New Year night
Flight in direction of Larnaka adjourned
Ian Kelly releases New Year congratulatory statement
Health condition of youth injured during special operation in Pankisi turned to worse
Road accident occurred at Rustavi-Tbilisi highway
Vasil Maghlaperidze:  I take full responsibility and do my best to inform the public truthfully
Giorgi Gakharia arrived at the meeting being held in Ministry of Culture
Tariff for water consumption increases in Tbilisi
Increased tariff for electricity to be activated starting January 1
Public Defender calls on Prosecutor's Office to quickly investigate wounding fact of youngster
Public Assembly meeting being held in Duisi
Increased price for electricity to be activated starting January 1
Price for Electricity to increase for Telasi subscribers