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Tariff for water consumption increases in Tbilisi
Increased tariff for electricity to be activated starting January 1
Public Defender calls on Prosecutor's Office to quickly investigate wounding fact of youngster
Public Assembly meeting being held in Duisi
Increased price for electricity to be activated starting January 1
Price for Electricity to increase for Telasi subscribers
President pardons prisoners for New Year
Public Assembly meeting to be held in Duisi
Locals residing at so-called division lines to be given vouchers for heating
President awards Konstantine Zaldastanishvili with Order of Brilliance
Dormitory of TSU students opened
Applications received by Energy Ombudsman increased
No Salmonella bacteria discovered in Celia baby food sold in Georgia
Catholicos Patriarch: Opposition does not mean criticism of everything
First Channel to have a new studio in Batumi
Pope Francis congratulates Georgia’s Patriarch on 40th anniversary of his enthronement
UNICEF Georgia responds to the statement of PM on introduction of payments at the kindergartens
Ilia II: These 40 years were the hardest years, I am grateful to those who pray for me
Guga Kashibadze: health condition of patients remains critical
Queen Elizabeth II congratulated Ilia II on 40th anniversary of enthronement