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Economy Ministry to form expert council on Namakhvani HPP
GPB to launch new project in support of persons with disabilities
Patriarchate asks to differentiate Namakhvani HPP and Davit Gareji issues
Booking of Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine to kick off on April 27
Air Astana to carry out Almaty-Batumi-Almaty flight
Georgian Patriarch hosts Armenian President (Photo)
Anti-Namakhvani HPP protest continues in Gumati village
Georgia reports 1 077 coronavirus cases, 442 recoveries, 8 deaths
Immunization Council to decide on Sinopharm vaccine use
Government representatives welcome dialogue with anti-Namakhvani HPP protesters
Anti-Namakhvani HPP protest organizers say no more need to call for large-scale sit-in
GPB offers Namakhvani HPP process participants platform for discussion 
Anti-Namakhvani HPP protesters meet with gov't members
Anti-Namakhvani HPP protesters to meet with gov't members
PM instructs his representatives to negotiate with anti-Namakhvani HPP protesters
PM Garibashvili congratulates Jewish people on Independence Day
Georgia may use Sinopharm before WHO approval
Shetsvale Movement rallies at Tbilisi City Court
Georgia reports 1 030 coronavirus cases, 706 recoveries, 7 deaths
Anti-Namakhvani HPP protest continues in western Georgia