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PM hosted with shouts outside Batumi Maritime Academy
Majoritarian MP of Tsalka and Dmanisi hosts oppositional representatives with banners
The protest rally in Kutaisi has finished
Azeri helicopter involved in search works of two men at Jandari Lake
De facto Tskhinvali officials allow residents of Akhalgori to cross the occupation line for medical care
The Gudauri-Kobi road section is closed to all trucks due to heavy snowfall
Supporters of GD party threw eggs and brooms to UNM office in Kutaisi
Supporters of GD threw brooms and eggs at UNM`s office in Kutaisi
Tailback at Sarpi customs checkpoint reaches 4km
Supporters of United National Movement from Samegrelo will join the rally at Parliament
Clash among Aleko Elisashvili and Georgian Dream activists at Bodbiskhevi market (VIDEO)
Protest at Bidzina Ivanishvili’s house in Shekvetili
Abkhazia de facto leadership closed Enguri crossing point 
French military ship enters Batumi Port (Photo)
European Georgia attempted to put a padlock on office of Majoritarian MP in Ozurgeti
Trailers and semi-trailers are prohibited from moving on the Gudauri-Kobi road
Hotel to be arranged for extreme tourism lovers in Chvani Gorge
Russian Emergency Situations Management Service battling with fire in occupied Abkhazia
Protesters with placards and vuvuzelas resumed rally in Batumi
Ramzan Kadyrov – Construction of road between Chechnya and Georgia is of political character